Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alecia Ohnemus' Maternity Portraits

Alecia, a dear friend of mine, is expecting little Miss Adalynn in August! I had the honor of joining in on the portrait fun yesterday! I took 454 pictures and these are just 16 of my favorite. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them! Please let me know what you think and give lots of love to the mom of this precious unborn blessing!
XOXO, Katie

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kaitlyn's 5 year portraits

So I was totally apprehensive about taking pics of my niece, any child actually, but now I am sooooooo glad I did! It shows me I can broaden my picture taking into children's photography. I took over 600 pics and would not even think about putting them all on here, but I wanted to do a slide show of my favorite 17 that I have already played with in my photo shop. There were so many other precious ones as well and I'll add them as I edit. She is just such a beautiful little girl and I love her so dearly. We took pics for about an hour and a half and she was just such a trooper. Rarely argued with us and just looked so beautiful! Be sure to leave a comment because it will tickle Kaitlyn pink! Hope you enjoy!http://www.flickr.com/photos/38056149@N06/sets/72157617566246651/show/

Friday, April 3, 2009


Spring. Something so wonderful about it! I have decided lately that instead of worrying with the things I cannot change, I will shoot pictures instead. I had to find a way to push through all the madness! So now anytime I am feeling down, I grab my camera and head outdoors. When I was discouraged on Tuesday, I headed out my front door. There, I found it, Spring. I'm sure I didn't see it before because I was too consumed with stressors of this world, but I have seen it now. Tuesday, I was reminded how much I love Spring and the beauties it brings with it. I thought I would share a few signs of Spring with you as a reminder that love and beauty is all around us no matter how hard this world may seem.

I hope you enjoy...
I had so many beautiful pics of our dogwood tree that I just narrowed it down to a few.
One of my favorite childhood flowers, and such meaning behind each bloom...

Picture a dirt road covered in beautiful azealas on both sides. So big and beautiful they will reach your car as you drive through. That is the beauty found at my childhood home.
For today, I simply see and am reminded of the azealas back home from the few I have now...
Wisteria, needs nothing else but a little rain drop to be absolutley gorgeous...
I've always been intrigued by birds. Today, I am reminded that our Lord, even as much as he loves the birds and takes care of them, he loves me more and all our sadness will pass. I needed this nest today. I needed it to remind me that I am the little bird, and I will grow from this, and one day fly away...just as the little bird... And even though, Spring will pass, I can now face the world again with a better attitude and new found strength for tomorrow. Tomorrow may be a day without the camera.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro 2

CHECK IT OUT!!!...I added another pic I played with of Kaitlyn...

So to have a little bit of fun in my life, I decided to try and figure out my new photo software. Here is a pic I played with quite a bit, and I hope you enjoy!Kaitlyn, our oldest niece!
Don't you just love the hint of pink cheeks that I added bc they were in the original colored pic?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I still owe you a post about our infamous Monday but to be honest I'm still not emotionally stable to relive such a day as that one..hehe, you'll have to keep waiting! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's take TWO!

Follow along as we Take Two on Matthew's elbow surgeries...
So, Matthew's second elbow surgery was on Thursday. We got there at 10:30 a.m. and he finally went back to surgery at 2:00 and was over by 4:00. They had to put one screw in his broken radial head, checked on the first pin and said it was healing perfect, do a bone grapht of his elbow, and remove all the scar tissue from the first surgery so new and improved scar tissue will grow again. They also went on and straightened his elbow out so when he starts Physical Therapy again, on Monday may I add, maybe his arm won't be as stiff as it was after the first surgery. It has been a very long road to get to this point, but Dr. Clancy has assured us Matthew will not have anymore problems nor will there be any other surgeries. Since Dr. C was able to do the screw, Matt will not have to have an artificial radial head put in either. It is so awesome to know that in three months our lives should be back to normal! Matthew will be working out again, working, and get back to his old self!
Thank you all so much for the many prayers and thoughts ya'll have sent our way. They have been felt and very much appreciated! We love each and everyone of you all and are so thankful for you!
Many people have asked about our past Monday which will forever go down in History as one of the worst Mondays in the world, so I guess I need to post about it. I was avoiding it because sometimes I feel like a negative nancy on this thing and don't want you guys to think of me like that. It's just one of those tough times in our lives that we are growing so incredibly much from! So, I'll try to fight the painful memories and post about Monday as soon as I can. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freeze, and then we'll Take Two!

So I won't go into all of it tonight because we are tired and gotta go to bed, but Matt's second elbow surgery is TOMORROW! We have to be in B'ham by 11:00 a.m. Please pray for him as he is going through the surgery and recoop, and for all of us to have a safe trip! Now, FREEZE! til later...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Info on the Infamous Doc which is soon to be OURS!!!

We are so stinkin' pumped about our appointment Monday! It is such an honor to be able to say our doctor is Dr. Clancy. He has had so many accomplishments and now he is going to heal Matthew!
The post below this one is going to explain what in the world I am talking about if you want to read it first, but then, please follow this link to the Andrews' Clinic website and read about our new doc....Dr. Clancy! I haven't met this man yet but I know he is a God send and we love him already!
Keep up the prayers you prayer warriors! Ya'll are the best!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The sound of speechlessness...

Have you ever wondered what the sound of speechlessness would sound like?!? Well, let me tell you... I know exactly what it sounds like. Let me replay the situation for you...

Dr. Curtis, "First Xray, Perfect; Second Xray, everything looks great; Third Xray, looks good; Fourth Xray, (SPEECHLESSNESS)!!!"
It's odd for me to have a doctor that is speechless, but we didn't need any words. Let me continue with the story...
We all three stare at the screen, Matt's head hits the wall behind him, and my eyes immediately fill with tears. "Is that another break," I say. "Yes it is." Speechlessness.

To make a really shocking doctor's appointment that was supposed to be another "You're doing great and everything is healing perfectly," story short, Matt has a break on the other side of his radial head. It is much bigger than the previous break and will inevitably lead to another surgery. It is so large that the doctor wonders if a whole piece of his bone is missing. Not sure where that piece of bone is, but yet just another answer to another question that isn't being answered. For example, how did the doctor miss this break during the first surgery? Why didn't he take this particular Xray prior to surgery to go ahead and make sure there weren't any other breaks? And the list continues....

Well, to fast forward from Tuesday until today, Matthew has gotten in with Dr. James Andrews' clinic in Birmingham. Dr. Andrews is a very well known doctor who is sought after and used by many pro athletes throughout the world. Dr. Andrews has looked over his case and decided his colleague, Dr. Clancy, will be best for the job because of the "mystery break" Matt has. Apparently, this part of the radial head is really hard to break and Dr. Clancy is the doctor all other orthos go to when they don't know how to fix the bone that is broken. Leave it to our family to have a break that no one is supposed to have!
We are quite excited to have such a good specialist waiting for us and prepared to take on the apparent "odd" case of my husband's elbow. Our appointment is Monday at 1:00. We know we are in the hands of an awesome surgeon and we are so thankful for that, so please say some prayers of thankfulness and hope that all will be well.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My little valentine blessings...

What a serious post that last one was...whew, thank goodness it's over! No seriously, thanks a BUNCH for all your prayers. We have felt them and definately needed them. Thank you all soooooo much!

On a lighter and sweeter note for a belated Valentine's post, these are a few pics I took with my new camera. Thanks Boo for my awesome Valentine's present!!! :) We love our MMA and the sweet treats it gets us! The pics are totally raw and unedited and still very deep and tell such a story. I hope you enjoy them and know that our family hopes you all had a day full of hugs, kisses, hearts, chocolates, and of course, love!

Here are my lovies...

Natasha, or as I have nicknamed her, Na-Na

Our youngest, and such a blessed addition that adds such sweetness to our lives. Especially her sister's!


Not everyone finds her to be so adorable, but she's still my precious baby. All 57 parts!


What to say about him! Our oldest but definately still momma's little man.

Last but not least, the love of my life being his back to normal, goofy fun loving self who manages to steal my heart all over again every day!

Thank you God for giving him back to me :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thoughts, Randomness, More Thankfulness.

This is the second post of the day, and DEFINATELY not the most important so please read below. I have known that I needed to update you all, but to be honest, I haven't had the words to share. Matt and I have so many things going on right now and we have just felt like we shouldn't burden anyone else with the fears and tears, and then those thoughts of selfishness are reinforced when I think of that sweet baby girl Tuesday. What an emotional wreck I am and in the whole sceam of things, probably have no true reason to be.

Matt got a good report on Tuesday when he went in for his "week after operation" doctor's appointment. His arm is healing well and his therapy has begun...

Matt needs prayers. He is struggling so badly with the possibilities this therapy may create, or take away. He has fears of the future and what may or may not still be an intrical part of his life. He is in such pain. Emotionally and physically. He feels like a failure because he can't work and provide for his family like the man is thought to do. I've never seen him at such a low part in his life and it brings me to tears on a daily basis.

I need prayers. I need to be a strong wife and companion for him now. I am trying so hard, but I feel like I am failing him everytime I cry. I don't do it in front of him, but does he see it anyway? Can he feel it in my heart when he craves to just simply cuddle and that simple task, one of our favorite pasttimes, is so much harder than it has ever been? I know this is so much harder for him than me but yet I feel as though its just too much for me.

More Thankfulness. How do you thank people that are so incredibly special you can't even begin to show them how thankful you are for them? How do you tell them their late night "Spontaneous Pick Matt's Spirits Up Nights" are what you live for now and it's all because of them? How do you tell them their weeky meal nights have been what is keepig you going? How do you tell them that their totally unending friendship is what you have needed for so long to feel complete and whole? How do you just simply say Thank You and KNOW, to the deepest parts of your soul, that they completely know how thankful you are for them? I don't know that I ever will be able to just simply say Thank You and KNOW, but I am sure going to try. Thank your Chris, Tiffany, Kevin, and Alecia. We love ya'll more than words can say and want you to hear Thank You.

I would never want to leave our families out either, so please know we are oh so thankful for them as well. God knew what families we needed in our lives, and man did he bless us beyond belief. Thank Ya'll and we love you more than words can say.

The tears must stop. My wonderful hubby is calling. I am so blessed and I MUST Thank my God now. It's after the school day, and my other life now begins. I must now put back on the strong face and hide my own fears and tears and head home to Matt. Please pray for us. Please pray for him. We love you all, Katie